Review: Briefs:Close Encounters @ Leicester Square Spiegeltent

Reviewed by Charlotte White

Prepare to board the mothership and lift off as the Briefs boys are back from the future to send us a message we all need to hear…the future is more than bright and everything will be let’s say ‘fluffing’ fine. A night full of talent, laughter and whole lot of bare cheek.

If you’ve never seen Briefs before let me tell you it’s everything you want in a drag boylesque show and more! If you think it’s all strip teases and lip syncing you’d be wrong…these boys have so many other talents! Expect to be shook as they jump and flip across the stage before juggling, hula hooping and demonstrating some serious aerial skills.

The show was lead and directed by the fabulous Shivannah aka Fez Fa’anana and he brought the house down with his incredible sass and wit. He definitely knew how to get the audience going and kept us engaged throughout the performance. Ru Paul eat your heart out.

Some jaw dropping Aerial tricks were done by Captain Kidd and Thomas Worrell who span at dizzying speeds up in the air. Not only that, but Captain Kidd proved his hips don’t lie hula hooping several luminous hoops around his body seemingly effortlessly.

We saw…rather a lot of all the guys, but particularly Louis Biggs. He showed he can juggle an impressive amount of balls (juggling balls!) and without dropping any! Being the youngest, he stood out but also his performance was amazing to watch.

Harry Clayton-Wright performed a hilarious comedic dance duet with Brett Rosengreen who did a fantastic job of lifting Harry (dressed as the female) above his head. The facial expressions and emotion from Harry managed to portray a story in a comedic fashion which got the whole audience laughing and following along with them. Brett also had a solo which delivered a special message as each layer of clothing came off, a very powerful routine.

During the show a certain rabbit by the name of Dale Woodbridge-Brown would pop up and performed his special magic trick of making alarm clocks stop ringing. This develops in to a full out acrobatic dance number which incorporated the alarm clocks and he was definitely getting in to it giving a lively and animated performance with a lot of laughs.



You could certainly tell the audience were enjoying it and that there were some fans in the audience who were clearly familiar with Briefs. In fact the person I was sat next to explained this was his third visit. In all honesty I can see why it has such a following.

The lighting by Paul Lim and music by Busty Beatz set the tone of the show perfectly and really added to the spectacle of it.

Think Ru Paul meets Cirque du Soleil. Briefs: Close Encounters is a futuristic drag circus extravaganza with something to entertain everyone. If the future really is like this, there’s hope for us yet.

Catch Briefs: Close Encounters now at Leicester Square Spiegeltent until 3rd Jan 2019. Click here for information and tickets




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