Review: Precious Little Talent, Courtyard Theatre

Reviewed by Charlotte White

Produced by Blue Butterfly Productions and directed by Brock Elwick, Precious Little Talent is a story of belief, family and hope written by Ella Hickson. We start off at Christmas in New York and bright eyed 19 year old Sam spends the night with a 23 year old English girl named Joey. The next day Sam goes to work caring for George and who should be there but Joey. She hasn’t seen her father George in two years and can’t understand why he doesn’t answer a simple question.

As soon as the show starts the audience are addressed when Sam begins to narrate what is happening and what he is thinking during the scene. This was a very interesting use of the technique and I think it worked for the play and gave it more if a unique style.

Sam was played by Henry George Lewis and he truly was a joy to watch. His character was so vibrant, energetic and full of life and his comedy brought a touch of light to the piece which covers an otherwise fairly dark subject matter. He seemed very comfortable and at ease on stage.

The role of Joey was portrayed by Marta Kane and honestly I was moved by her performance. There was a genuine feel about it and she kept you gripped throughout.

The final cast member Mark Keegan was George and he seemed so deep in his character it was quite captivating. He gave a very convincing performance and kept with it throughout the whole show never breaking character, it seemed very believable.

Speaking for people who have some difficulty hearing, linking with our ‘Do we hear the people sing?’ section, occasionally the lighting could have been a bit brighter as some may have to rely on the visual cues/lip reading in order to follow it. At times when it was very dark when there was still dialogue going on which would have made it difficult for people to do this.

Overall the storyline was very touching and very poignant at this time as mental health is a big issue and I think this show encourages people to talk more openly about it. If we don’t, it means people are unaware and so can’t be there for help and support which is why shows like this are so important.

Precious Little Talent is playing at the Courtyard Theatre near Old Street, London until the 28th October. Click here for tickets.



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