Going to the same show…again?

Written by Charlie White

Most of you reading this are presumably theatre fans, but how many of you go to see a show more than once?

I know there can be very different views on this subject, especially between theatre fans and non-theatre fans as not everyone understands why some of us theatre folk would want to go and see something like Wicked for example over 100 times.

So…why do we go and see the same show over and over again?

I think personally when you watch something that is so inspiring and makes you feel all happy inside, the obvious reaction for me is to want to experience it a second time (and maybe a third…and a fourth). When you love something so much and you have the opportunity to go then you think why not? We can all be fans of theatre in general but I’m sure most of us have that one show that is particularly special to us.

A large portion of the argument against this is of course…the money. When you add up all the times you’ve spent £30 here and there it can admittedly add up to quite a lot. Having said that,  from what I’ve experienced, most people outside the ‘theatre world’ assume most West End shows amount to something close to £100, or at least more than perhaps what we know we can get if you know the right places to look (and/or are willing to queue outside the theatre at 7am for day seats). I VERY rarely pay over £30 when I go to the theatre and this is mainly due to things like day seats, a policy which most theatres have now (TheatreMonkey is a great website to check these out if you’re wondering). Even big shows like Wicked and Kinky boots have front row seats allocated for under £30!

In addition to this, if you’re of the younger age group (like myself) aged between 16 and 25, you can tickets to Matilda for £5! So if you’re looking for something to do on a weekend, a west end show for a fiver is worth considering.

If we do go to the theatre often, we do tend to look for these sort of prices or cheaper seats as we’re perhaps not so bothered about having premium seats. Whereas someone who doesn’t go a lot might want to make the most of it and pay more for a top band seat, which is understandable.

Some people might call it obsessive, but so what!? Theatre is a hobby and yes even I have to admit perhaps we can get a bit carried away sometimes (I know I did), but it’s only because we’re so passionate about it. Theatre is a place where we can escape the world for 2 to 3 hours and not have to think about the stresses of day to day life.

When you’re a fan of something, you tend to notice the little things. If you’re sat on the front row you can see all the actors faces and expressions, and that’s what makes it different each time. You become really familiar with a show and you can pick up on any small differences. Different casts and actors can also add a new flavour to the show.

To summarise, if you can afford it…GO FOR IT! Seize the opportunity and go to the theatre whilst you can, and if you’re a fan of a certain show, go see that show! Happy theatre going everyone!

For more information on days eats and details of all the policies click here. 



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