REVIEW: Her Benny @ Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Reviewed by Charlie White

So I have just got back from Liverpool after seeing this afternoon’s performance of ABD Productions ‘Her Benny’ and I have to say, I was going in pretty much blind. I didn’t really know the plot or the music but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In this rather Dickensian type story, Her Benny tells the tale of brother and sister Benny and Nell who are street urchins in the cold harsh times of Victorian Liverpool. We travel through their journey as they struggle to survive, however, a tragic and unfortunate event occurs which changes everything as is known. Through highs and lows, the show teaches never to give up faith and everyone deserves the right to dream.

The show featured the talents of Peter Brindle and Janet Cowley as Mr and Mrs Joe and Sally Wragg who gave sincere and touching performances. This was enhanced by both their lovely voices which worked beautifully together. In addition, we had Lindzi Germain and John McGrellis as multiple comedic characters which played brilliantly.

Young Benny and Nell were extremely cute and actually seemed to be great little professionals giving a strong confident performance, as did the whole team of younger performers.

The show also involved choreography from Nazene Danielle which as always I was very impressed with as I have seen her work a couple of times previously and was performed fabulously by the cast.

Overall it’s a heartwarming show which I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the area with the family.


Her Benny runs at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool until the 10th February.


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