REVIEW: Ordinary Days The Musical

Reviewed by Charlie White

I was lucky enough to be able to see Ordinary Days at the Edinburgh Fringe, a musical about four peoples day to day lives can connect with each other. It follows the story of Claire, Jason, Deb and Warren, trying to find their way in life and make some tough decisions. 

The venue was extremely intimate so it was a scaled back production but I could see it had a lot of potential.

The songs had a typical theatrical feel but with a modern edge which I thought was quite refreshing for a musical.

The cast was made up of four people. Neil Cameron was great as Warren, I think he played the role fairly vulnerably which I thought suited the character and there was a definite likability factor. The role of Deb was performed by Nora Perone who I have to say was wonderful throughout. Her comedy with the character was excellent and combined with her acting, facial expressions and lovely voice, it was great! Alistair Frederick and Kirby Hughes played couple Jason and Claire and I think they both portrayed the emotion wonderfully! I was moved by their touching performances.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see Ordinary Days before my trip to Edinburgh so I’m not sure how much they had to adapt to the festival however one thing I would say is that the ending seemed quite abrupt.

Overall it had a great base to a fresh modern musical and I see lots of potential! Would be great to see it somewhere with proper staging etc, but the cast did a fantastic job! 



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