REVIEW: School Of Rock at The New London Theatre

This show was one of the rare moments Nathan and Charlie both see the show, so there will be two parts; Nathan’s review and Charlie’s review. Enjoy!

Nathan’s Review

I’ve been following School Of Rock since it had its concert at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. The Broadway cast of children are honestly some of my favourite actors/actresses.

When SoR was announced to come to the UK, I was thrilled. I called Charlie when tickets went on sale and we booked. The seats we got were fab, I don’t even think there are any bad seats in the theatre!
The show itself lacked the WOW factor. David Fynn, who plays Dewey, was amazingly energetic and really channelled Jack Black, who played the character in the original movie. The children, on the other hand, while good actors and musicians, weren’t strong in their singing and some of the American accents were lost. Preeya Kalidas, who played Patti, was struggling with her acting at most times and I felt she wasn’t as powerful as she could’ve been. Rosanna Hyland, who played Rosalie, on the other hand, was a brilliant all-rounder and brought the show to the top of “mount rock”.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this show, so there isn’t much that I can really write about it.

Charlie’s Review

Perhaps somewhat contrary to Nathan’s review, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree with Nathan that the New London theatre is so well laid out there’s not a bad seat in the house really. It feels quite open and I think it suited the show quite well. I thought the atmosphere was incredible, at times you felt like you were actually at a rock concert!

I was extremely excited to see this show as the film is one of my absolute favourites- I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. I think the storyline, the passion for music and the comedy is just great!

Admittedly I was a bit doubtful as to whether anyone could even come close to Jack Black in the role of Dewey, but I have to say, David Fynn gave him a run for his money. He had so much energy on stage, his voice was fab, and the comedic timing was brilliant.  I loved how the show used current affairs in the comedy (for example a certain Mr Donald Trump) Also, he seemed to play off the kids really well.

The musical talent of the young actors and actresses in the show was outstanding! The band stood and watched with the audience as the kids were ‘rocking out’ live on stage.

Overall I thought the atmosphere was amazing, as  if you were at a proper rock concert! It’s definitely one to visit again at some point!


Charlie & Nathan








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