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Matilda The Musical tells the story of Matilda Wormwood, a shy nine year old girl who loves to read. Shunned by her parents and brother, Matilda often flees to the library to tell her friend, the librarian, stories. When Matilda is sent to school, her teacher, Miss Honey, recognises Matilda’s advanced skills but fails in getting the school’s abusive and frightening headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, to also recognise her talent. Throughout her time at Crunchem Hall, Matilda learns that sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!


  1. Overture – 0:42
  2. Miracle (Part One) – 4:24
  3. Miracle (Part Two) – 2:12
  4. Miracle (Part Three) – 2:41
  5. Naughty – 3:15
  6. School Song – 3:58
  7. Pathetic – 1:46
  8. The Hammer – 3:00
  9. The Chokey Chant – 1:01
  10. Loud – 4:01
  11. This Little Girl – 2:02
  12. Bruce – 4:05
  13. Telly – 3:11
  14. When I Grow Up – 3:39
  15. I’m Here (Story 4) – 4:17
  16. The Smell Of Rebellion – 5:18
  17. Quiet – 3:37
  18. My House – 3:48
  19. Chalk Writing – 1:24
  20. Revolting Children – 2:33
  21. When I Grow Up/Naughty (Reprise) – 2:10
  22. Story One: Once Upon A Time… – 3:24
  23. Story Two: The Great Day Arrived… – 4:25
  24. Story Three: The Trick Started Well… – 4:25
  25. Perhaps A Child (Cut Song) – 2:30
  26. Naughty (Four Matildas) – 3:00

CHARLIE: Check out Charlie’s review here!

NATHAN: The Broadway cast recording of Matilda holds a special place in my heart. It’s such a heart-warming show and the cast in the Broadway production are PHENOMENAL and so much better than any of the West End casts so far, although there is one cast member that means so much to me: LESLI MARGHERITA. Lesli was in the show from it’s opening as Mrs Wormwood. She stayed in the show until September 2015, when she departed to work on Dames At Sea on Broadway. When Matilda was announced to be closing on Broadway, it was announced that Lesli was to join in September 2016 for the closing cast. Lesli adds new depth to Mrs Wormwood than anyone else. She is a stunning dancer, and a flawless belter. She is the reason why Matilda lasted so long. Amen.


Nathan and Charlie xoxo


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