REVIEW: Matilda the Musical

Hey guys!

So we had a group trip to see Matilda the Musical last weekend and it was so fab! Third/fourth time seeing it for Charlie and first time for Nathan!

The show tells the story of a very special little girl named Matilda who has a hard time fitting in with her family and she has never felt like she belonged. That is until the time comes for her to begin school. Matilda is a girl who loves to read and learn however just when she thought she had escaped the bullying at home, a new bully comes along who just happens to be the principle of the school…Miss Trunchbull. It takes us on a journey of good overcoming bad and shows us how working together (with maybe a touch of revolting) could make for a happy ending after all.

Matilda is such a feel good show and the soundtrack is awesome (and actually quite addictive once you get in to it). At times it can be quite dark but the comedy I think overshadows that and helps to lighten the mood- plus there is such a variety of songs from those that make you perhaps a tad emotional to ones that make you laugh out loud.

The cast are so talented and the fact that it’s basically ran by such a young group of actors/actresses just makes it all the more impressive. Our Matilda was Emily-May and she did such a fantastic job! We were lucky enough to be there for her final two performances and she did Matilda proud. She gave such a confident performance and we really enjoyed her portrayal as the title role.

Craig Els as the Trunch was insane! Love him in this role, so funny yet terrifying at the same time. His ‘Smell of Rebellion’ is genius.

Overall, we had a great two shows and will most likely be back soon.

Charlie & Nathan xoxo


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