Seussical The Musical REVIEW

Last night I visited Malvern Theatres to catch the Malvern Theatres Young Company production of Seussical The Musical based on the classic childrens books by Dr Seuss including all your favourite characters like Horton, Cat in the Hat, and of course…the Whos!
Considering it was a youth group the standard was really high with some excellent voices and choreography. Some catchy numbers and the whole cast really got into their roles! I thought it was also good how they integrated the main cast into the ensemble as well as this allowed them the showcase and use all their talents. For example if their principle character mainly sang, they might have been able to get involved in a dance number as an ensemble member.
Some standout performances for me were the Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Horton and the Mayor of Who and his wife. The cat had the audience eating out the palm of his hands throughout the whole show especially when he started the second act. Gertrude Mcfuzz had such a good voice and the Sour kangaroo was full of sass (she killed it!). The Mayor and his wife really played a family well along with their young son Jojo and added quite a few laughs to the show.
If you’ve seen the show before you’ll know it’s rather quirky and unique but quite a lot of fun and great for the whole familly!

Charlie xoxo


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