5 Reasons You Should Watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Hey! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical tv-series that airs on the CW in America, and is currently on UK Netflix. It stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca, a depressed lawyer from New York who follows her college boyfriend Josh to his new home, and moves there. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

5. IT HAS AWESOME SONGS! Rachel Bloom has teamed up with a group of extraordinary song writers to come up with the funniest musical numbers. Some of which parody musicals such as Gypsy, and Dream Girls, and also some bands such as Fifth Harmony.


4. IT’S HILARIOUS! It features very zany comedy, and the cast deliver the lines with excellent comedic timing.


3. IT TACKLES SEXUALITY IN A LIGHT HUMORED WAY! Darryl, one of the main characters, discovers he’s bisexual (he says “both sexual” at first), and then sings a rock song called “Gettin’ Bi”


2. IT FEATURES A CAST OF MUSICAL THEATRE TRAINED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES! Yup, that’s right. Donna Lynne Champlin, who plays Paula, has played many roles in shows such as Billy Elliot and Sweeney Todd. Santino Fontana, who plays Greg, was also the voice of Hans in Frozen! Amber Riley also guest stars. And Lea Salonga.


  1. RACHEL BLOOM IS QUEEN AND SLAYS HARD. Yup, since 2013 she’s been slaying. She was discovered through her youtube channel, and this is a huge step. The second season comes out October 21st.


Nathan xoxo


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