The Bodyguard REVIEW

My sister and I day seated for the Bodyguard starring Beverly Knight on the 6th August 2016 (Sorry, a while ago folks) and I can honestly say it made me wanna dance with somebody. Most people will already be familiar with classic 90s film The Bodyguard with the incredible Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and for those who aren’t I don’t want to spoil it so I just thought I’d share some of my views and experiences of the show itself.

Bang! The first thing you hear as the show begins. To start with, the staging was spectacular! The costumes, the lighting and the set were all amazing- the show started off hot right from the start (quite literally, you can feel the fire from the opening number burning your face from the front row; little tip for future day seaters there).  The show really captured the essence of the story and you honestly felt like you were right there with the actors on stage whether it be joining in with the fab numbers or feeling scared for your life hoping the bodyguard will protect you.

Beverly Knight really was the ‘queen of the night’ from start to finish. I have seen her perform previous times but her Rachel Marron was absolutely stunning! She really did Whitneys fantastic songs justice (I mean, you can’t go wrong with Witney). The emotion she puts in to her performance just leaks out across the whole audience and hits you right in the heart. If you’re not sobbing during I will always love you then I have one question…Why?

The fabulous Rachel John played Rachels sister Nicki Marron and she was superb! He voice was so beautiful and I just loved her performance.

Ben Richards brought a certain freshness to the role of the bodyguard whilst still maintaining some of the classic Kevin Costner vibes.

This show is definitely one I would recommend and certainly hope to see again before it closes in January.



Watching the bodyguard is truly one moment in time I will never forget, and… IIIII Will Always Love you!!


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