Side Show – Track By Track (2014)

Hey guys! Today I thought i’d do a track by track breakdown of the 2014 Broadway Cast Recording of “Side Show”. I feel like it needs to be done due to the upcoming London production. So here we go, bear in mind I haven’t seen the show live so these are what i can gather from listening to it:

  1. COME LOOK AT THE FREAKS – A host introduces us to his side show, including a bearded lady, a cannibal king, a man with three legs, and his star attraction, two conjoined twins.
  2. I’M DAISY, I’M VIOLET – The conjoined twins introduce themselves to an agent.
  3. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE – The twins express their goals in life to the agent, Violet wants a normal life, like everyone else. Daisy wants stardom and riches.
  4. VERY WELL-CONNECTED – Terry, the agent, tells the twins that he can get them booked on the Orpheum Circuit and vaudeville, along with his assistant, Buddy.
  5. WHAT BROUGHT HIM HERE? – The twins are excited about their new life about to start, and wonder why he chose them.
  6. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW – Jake, who plays the Cannibal King in the side show, tells the girls they should not go with Terry, and the rest of the side show express their opinion.
  7. A PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE SHOW – Buddy introduces his new act, The Hilton Sisters, to the side show.
  8. TYPICAL GIRLS NEXT DOOR – The girls perform their break-through act to the side show.
  9. YOU SHOULD THANK ME EVERY DAY – A flashback to the girls’ abusive aunt.
  10. CUT THEM APART – A flashback to when the girls’ aunt took them to a doctor to get them removed from each other, but they assure each other they will never leave each other.
  11. ALL IN THE MIND – Harry Houdini teaches the girls how to get some peace using their mind. I’m not sure how this fits into the plot, but it’s in there somewhere.
  12. COME SEE A NEW LAND – A flashback to when the leader of the Side Show bought Daisy and Violet, in a twisted version of “Come Look At The Freaks”
  13. FEELINGS YOU’VE GOT TO HIDE – The twins confess their attraction to Buddy and Terry.
  14. SAY GOODBYE TO THE SIDESHOW – Jake (who has been hired to protect the twins on their tour), Daisy and Violet say goodbye to their Side Show family.
  15. READY TO PLAY – It’s the girls’ first big performance.
  16. THE INTERVIEW – A group of reporters ask the girls’ about their love lives, after Buddy and Terry celebrate their triumph with the girls.
  17. BUDDY KISSED ME  – The girls get excited over Buddy and Terry, who showered them with kisses but then deny any romantic attraction.
  18. WHO WILL LOVE ME AS I AM? – The twins wonder if they will ever find love.
  19. STUCK WITH YOU/LEAVE ME ALONE – Buddy seems to be having a relationship with another boy. The twins argue over their choices in men, and then Buddy proposes to Violet.
  20. PRIVATE CONVERSATION – Terry imagines what it’d be like to be alone with Daisy.
  21. ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS THREE – An onstage performance in which Buddy, Daisy and Violet issue an invitation to the wedding.
  22. YOU SHOULD BE LOVED – After hearing Buddy and Violet argue over the arrangements of the wedding, Jake confesses that he’s loved Violet for years.
  23. A GREAT WEDDING SHOW – It’s the wedding day, and there’s a huge argument. A director for a film that Daisy and Violet are in shows up, exclaiming that the wedding must go on as publicity for their film “Freaks”. Terry and Buddy walk out, leaving the twins on their own.
  24. I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU – The twins, left alone, tell each other that no matter how many men walk into and out of their lives, they will always be by each other’s side.
  25. FINALE – Accepting who they are, the twins go to the wedding and sing a new version of “Come Look At The Freaks”.

So there we have it! I’m really excited to see the new production in October with Charlie, it’s gonna be a smashing production of a truly beautiful musical.




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