My current top 5 Musicals- Charlie

Hey Guys! Thanks for looking at our blog!

To introduce ourselves we thought we’d both share our top 10 favourite current musicals. As you may or may not know a persons favourite show can change depending on if another show takes your fancy or just how many times you’ve listened to the soundtrack that week.

So to begin (in no particular order)

Billy Elliot- This is my all time favourite show! I’ve seen it rather a few times and fell in love with it- the story, the music, the acting…everything. It’s more intimate than other shows and am absolutely gutted it’s no longer on the West End. However if you didn’t get a chance to see it be sure to catch the national tour (running till April 2017). I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s an incredible, inspiring, ‘electric’, show.

Hamilton- I know it’s rapping (#controversial) but honestly don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. I really didn’t think I’d be in to it at all but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and it is actually pure genius. The story, the lyrics and some of the melodies (yes, there are songs too) are stunning. Fantastic piece by the god AKA Lin Manuel Miranda.

Memphis- I know, another one that’s closed, but this was such an amazing musical!  The songs were both so uplifting and emotional at the same time (and it’s Beverly Knight I mean come on #Queen) I miss it!

Newsies- Unfortunately it’s not on in the UK but I was luck enough to see the American tour in Boston and it was brilliant! The dancing is superb and the soundtrack is awesome! It’s one I could certainly imagine going to see multiple times. Plus…it’s Disney people!

Finding Neverland- Luckily this should be hitting the West End in 2017 and I would highly recommend it! It’s such a beautiful show and some of the songs are so touching. It really is magical!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our very first posts. Please don’t forget to check back very soon for our first review.





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