Seussical The Musical REVIEW

Last night I visited Malvern Theatres to catch the Malvern Theatres Young Company production of Seussical The Musical based on the classic childrens books by Dr Seuss including all your favourite characters like Horton, Cat in the Hat, and of course…the Whos!
Considering it was a youth group the standard was really high with some excellent voices and choreography. Some catchy numbers and the whole cast really got into their roles! I thought it was also good how they integrated the main cast into the ensemble as well as this allowed them the showcase and use all their talents. For example if their principle character mainly sang, they might have been able to get involved in a dance number as an ensemble member.
Some standout performances for me were the Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Horton and the Mayor of Who and his wife. The cat had the audience eating out the palm of his hands throughout the whole show especially when he started the second act. Gertrude Mcfuzz had such a good voice and the Sour kangaroo was full of sass (she killed it!). The Mayor and his wife really played a family well along with their young son Jojo and added quite a few laughs to the show.
If you’ve seen the show before you’ll know it’s rather quirky and unique but quite a lot of fun and great for the whole familly!

Charlie xoxo


5 Reasons You Should Watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Hey! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical tv-series that airs on the CW in America, and is currently on UK Netflix. It stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca, a depressed lawyer from New York who follows her college boyfriend Josh to his new home, and moves there. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

5. IT HAS AWESOME SONGS! Rachel Bloom has teamed up with a group of extraordinary song writers to come up with the funniest musical numbers. Some of which parody musicals such as Gypsy, and Dream Girls, and also some bands such as Fifth Harmony.


4. IT’S HILARIOUS! It features very zany comedy, and the cast deliver the lines with excellent comedic timing.


3. IT TACKLES SEXUALITY IN A LIGHT HUMORED WAY! Darryl, one of the main characters, discovers he’s bisexual (he says “both sexual” at first), and then sings a rock song called “Gettin’ Bi”


2. IT FEATURES A CAST OF MUSICAL THEATRE TRAINED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES! Yup, that’s right. Donna Lynne Champlin, who plays Paula, has played many roles in shows such as Billy Elliot and Sweeney Todd. Santino Fontana, who plays Greg, was also the voice of Hans in Frozen! Amber Riley also guest stars. And Lea Salonga.


  1. RACHEL BLOOM IS QUEEN AND SLAYS HARD. Yup, since 2013 she’s been slaying. She was discovered through her youtube channel, and this is a huge step. The second season comes out October 21st.


Nathan xoxo

Sister Act REVIEW

On the 13th August 2016 I managed to catch the Sister Act UK tour at it’s very first venue, the Curve Theatre in Leicester. It was a matinee and a ‘relaxed performance’ so I’m not sure if I really got the full affect but if not you’re certainly in for a treat if you happen to see a full on performance.

As most people know, the story is about the sassy diva Deloris Van Cartier who has to hide from her boyfriend after witnessing a crime, and where better to hide this wannabe star…than a convent. The story progresses from their and portrays how the bond grows between the sisters and Deloris. They learn from each other and work together to try and overcome what might lie ahead.

We we warned before watching the show that we would be seeing the understudy for Deloris and not Alexandra Burke which I accepted and so I was prepared to see someone else. It just so happens that someone else was Joanna Francis and I have to say I thought she was excellent! She suited the role perfectly and even though it perhaps took a little time to warm up to her (or maybe the show in general) by the end I thoroughly enjoyed it! Some stand out parts for me would have to be Take Me To Heaven and Raise Your Voice- They are just such ‘feel good’ songs that make you want to get up and boogie!

I have to admit I was very much looking forward to seeing Jon Robyns perform again as he played the role of Eddie. He was so hilarious and I always have so much fun watching him on stage- he’s such an amazing performer!

Overall, it was such a great show with a fantastic cast and I hope maybe I can see it again in one of its future venues. I would definitely recommend it as a brill family show, it’s #fabulousbaby




Side Show – Track By Track (2014)

Hey guys! Today I thought i’d do a track by track breakdown of the 2014 Broadway Cast Recording of “Side Show”. I feel like it needs to be done due to the upcoming London production. So here we go, bear in mind I haven’t seen the show live so these are what i can gather from listening to it:

  1. COME LOOK AT THE FREAKS – A host introduces us to his side show, including a bearded lady, a cannibal king, a man with three legs, and his star attraction, two conjoined twins.
  2. I’M DAISY, I’M VIOLET – The conjoined twins introduce themselves to an agent.
  3. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE – The twins express their goals in life to the agent, Violet wants a normal life, like everyone else. Daisy wants stardom and riches.
  4. VERY WELL-CONNECTED – Terry, the agent, tells the twins that he can get them booked on the Orpheum Circuit and vaudeville, along with his assistant, Buddy.
  5. WHAT BROUGHT HIM HERE? – The twins are excited about their new life about to start, and wonder why he chose them.
  6. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW – Jake, who plays the Cannibal King in the side show, tells the girls they should not go with Terry, and the rest of the side show express their opinion.
  7. A PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE SHOW – Buddy introduces his new act, The Hilton Sisters, to the side show.
  8. TYPICAL GIRLS NEXT DOOR – The girls perform their break-through act to the side show.
  9. YOU SHOULD THANK ME EVERY DAY – A flashback to the girls’ abusive aunt.
  10. CUT THEM APART – A flashback to when the girls’ aunt took them to a doctor to get them removed from each other, but they assure each other they will never leave each other.
  11. ALL IN THE MIND – Harry Houdini teaches the girls how to get some peace using their mind. I’m not sure how this fits into the plot, but it’s in there somewhere.
  12. COME SEE A NEW LAND – A flashback to when the leader of the Side Show bought Daisy and Violet, in a twisted version of “Come Look At The Freaks”
  13. FEELINGS YOU’VE GOT TO HIDE – The twins confess their attraction to Buddy and Terry.
  14. SAY GOODBYE TO THE SIDESHOW – Jake (who has been hired to protect the twins on their tour), Daisy and Violet say goodbye to their Side Show family.
  15. READY TO PLAY – It’s the girls’ first big performance.
  16. THE INTERVIEW – A group of reporters ask the girls’ about their love lives, after Buddy and Terry celebrate their triumph with the girls.
  17. BUDDY KISSED ME  – The girls get excited over Buddy and Terry, who showered them with kisses but then deny any romantic attraction.
  18. WHO WILL LOVE ME AS I AM? – The twins wonder if they will ever find love.
  19. STUCK WITH YOU/LEAVE ME ALONE – Buddy seems to be having a relationship with another boy. The twins argue over their choices in men, and then Buddy proposes to Violet.
  20. PRIVATE CONVERSATION – Terry imagines what it’d be like to be alone with Daisy.
  21. ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS THREE – An onstage performance in which Buddy, Daisy and Violet issue an invitation to the wedding.
  22. YOU SHOULD BE LOVED – After hearing Buddy and Violet argue over the arrangements of the wedding, Jake confesses that he’s loved Violet for years.
  23. A GREAT WEDDING SHOW – It’s the wedding day, and there’s a huge argument. A director for a film that Daisy and Violet are in shows up, exclaiming that the wedding must go on as publicity for their film “Freaks”. Terry and Buddy walk out, leaving the twins on their own.
  24. I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU – The twins, left alone, tell each other that no matter how many men walk into and out of their lives, they will always be by each other’s side.
  25. FINALE – Accepting who they are, the twins go to the wedding and sing a new version of “Come Look At The Freaks”.

So there we have it! I’m really excited to see the new production in October with Charlie, it’s gonna be a smashing production of a truly beautiful musical.



The Bodyguard REVIEW

My sister and I day seated for the Bodyguard starring Beverly Knight on the 6th August 2016 (Sorry, a while ago folks) and I can honestly say it made me wanna dance with somebody. Most people will already be familiar with classic 90s film The Bodyguard with the incredible Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and for those who aren’t I don’t want to spoil it so I just thought I’d share some of my views and experiences of the show itself.

Bang! The first thing you hear as the show begins. To start with, the staging was spectacular! The costumes, the lighting and the set were all amazing- the show started off hot right from the start (quite literally, you can feel the fire from the opening number burning your face from the front row; little tip for future day seaters there).  The show really captured the essence of the story and you honestly felt like you were right there with the actors on stage whether it be joining in with the fab numbers or feeling scared for your life hoping the bodyguard will protect you.

Beverly Knight really was the ‘queen of the night’ from start to finish. I have seen her perform previous times but her Rachel Marron was absolutely stunning! She really did Whitneys fantastic songs justice (I mean, you can’t go wrong with Witney). The emotion she puts in to her performance just leaks out across the whole audience and hits you right in the heart. If you’re not sobbing during I will always love you then I have one question…Why?

The fabulous Rachel John played Rachels sister Nicki Marron and she was superb! He voice was so beautiful and I just loved her performance.

Ben Richards brought a certain freshness to the role of the bodyguard whilst still maintaining some of the classic Kevin Costner vibes.

This show is definitely one I would recommend and certainly hope to see again before it closes in January.



Watching the bodyguard is truly one moment in time I will never forget, and… IIIII Will Always Love you!!

The Phantom Of The Opera REVIEW

Date I Saw The Production – 11/08/16

The Phantom Of The Opera is a musical classic. Everyone has heard of it, but not everyone likes it. When I was given the chance to see the new cast, I practically jumped at the chance. The theatre is atmospheric from the moment you walk into the auditorium, like it would be with every performance of the show. Grey fabric drapes the proscenium, and three black curtains are hung on stage at strange angles. In the centre of the stage, a large item is cloaked labeled “Chandelier” . Two other large items are cloaked. Nadim Naaman played Raoul excellently from the moment he entered the stage. The auctioneer knew what he was doing, and executed the reveal of the chandelier perfectly. Charlotte Vaughan, who usually plays a member of the chorus, stood up to the plate as Carlotta. She captured the essence of the diva wonderfully. Alicia Beck and Celinde Schoenmaker played the two giggling ballet girls, Meg Giry and Christine Daae, perfectly. Celinde has a beautiful voice that was perfect for Christine. During some of her spoken parts, though, her Dutch accent did come through at moments, though otherwise she was flawless. Ben Forster took some time to get used to as Phantom. When you imagine the Phantom, you imagine a deep, ground-shaking and often scary voice. Ben’s voice, while ground-shaking wasn’t the deep you’d get with other phantoms. But, his take on the Phantom was beautiful, and often frightening, you forget he’s an actor. Ben and Celinde have brilliant chemistry on stage. The finale stood out for me the most, however. Ben played the Phantom in a way i’ve never seen before. Ben was frightening, and very maniacal, but also scared of himself. It was a way I’ve never seen before, like the Phantom was discovering himself as well as his surroundings. It was heartbreaking. It was an overall brilliant performance, but the highlight of the show for me was of course Celinde’s Christine. I loved it.


The Phantom Of The Opera is booking until March 4, 2017.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 00.56.53.png

Celinde Schoenmaker

My current top 5 Musicals- Charlie

Hey Guys! Thanks for looking at our blog!

To introduce ourselves we thought we’d both share our top 10 favourite current musicals. As you may or may not know a persons favourite show can change depending on if another show takes your fancy or just how many times you’ve listened to the soundtrack that week.

So to begin (in no particular order)

Billy Elliot- This is my all time favourite show! I’ve seen it rather a few times and fell in love with it- the story, the music, the acting…everything. It’s more intimate than other shows and am absolutely gutted it’s no longer on the West End. However if you didn’t get a chance to see it be sure to catch the national tour (running till April 2017). I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s an incredible, inspiring, ‘electric’, show.

Hamilton- I know it’s rapping (#controversial) but honestly don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. I really didn’t think I’d be in to it at all but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and it is actually pure genius. The story, the lyrics and some of the melodies (yes, there are songs too) are stunning. Fantastic piece by the god AKA Lin Manuel Miranda.

Memphis- I know, another one that’s closed, but this was such an amazing musical!  The songs were both so uplifting and emotional at the same time (and it’s Beverly Knight I mean come on #Queen) I miss it!

Newsies- Unfortunately it’s not on in the UK but I was luck enough to see the American tour in Boston and it was brilliant! The dancing is superb and the soundtrack is awesome! It’s one I could certainly imagine going to see multiple times. Plus…it’s Disney people!

Finding Neverland- Luckily this should be hitting the West End in 2017 and I would highly recommend it! It’s such a beautiful show and some of the songs are so touching. It really is magical!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our very first posts. Please don’t forget to check back very soon for our first review.




My Current Top 5 Musicals! – Nathan

Hi! Welcome to The Thespians! As a welcome to our new blog, we thought we’d count down our current top ten musicals. So here we go- (Not in any particular order)

  1. Dogfight Dogfight is a musical with music and lyrics by Pasek and Paul. It’s based on the 90’s movie about a young marine who holds a “dogfight”, a party in which all the marines have to bring the ugliest girl they can. The ugliest girl wins a jackpot of money for their marine, unbeknownst to the girl. When marine Birdlace invites young music artist Rose to the dogfight the night before he goes to Vietnam, she shows him a world he didn’t know existed.
  2. Kinky Boots Kinky Boots is a musical with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper. It’s based on the 2005 movie of the same name. It follows Charlie Price, who has to take over his dad’s shoe factory when he dies. Charlie is close to closing the place down, when he meets a drag queen named Lola. Lola shows Charlie that the best way to fit in – is to stand out!
  3. Side Show Side Show is based on the life of the Hilton Sisters, two conjoined twins, as they embark on a journey from a travelling freak-show, to hollywood stardom. It features the famous song “I Will Never Leave You”, and is a gorgeous musical about family. 
  4. Hamilton What is a top 10 list without Hamilton? Hamilton is Broadway’s biggest hit of the season – and features something for everyone, whether it be Rap, sassy sisters or American History.
  5. Avenue Q Avenue Q is what happens when Sesame Street meets Family Guy. Raunchy, sassy and very very funny, Avenue Q is a puppet show unlike no other. 

Well, there you have it! My top 5 Musicals. I hope you enjoyed the post, stay tuned for more posts about theatre gossip, reviews, and much more!